Hurricane Dorian destroyed roughly 30% of the coral reef around the Bahamas.
This is also the third time trails of oxygen molecules have been detected beyond our solar system.
Cold air hasn't been persistent in the central and eastern United States for much of this winter, but this week will serve as ...
Two systems will bring more rain and snow across much of the Lower 48 in the week ahead.
Killer whales might be swimming thousands of miles each year to keep their skin healthy.
A cooler start to spring may be ahead for parts of the Plains, Midwest and South, while warmer than average conditions are ...
The maximum temperature in Delhi’s Safdarjung will jump to 25°C on Saturday, and hit 26°C at the start of next week.
A team of researchers counts 55 of the critically endangered blue whales. It also counts more than 750 humpback whales.
New research explains the role of less snowpack and more evaporation in the Colorado River basin.
Yellow watches have been issued across several parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Bihar, and Jharkhand.
Before and after satellite images show the impact of warmer weather in Antarctica.