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Tax Day means restaurants and other businesses are offering specials. Say goodbye to tax season with a tasty or relaxing treat.
Nature is taking another bow -- first an earthquake, then a solar eclipse, and now a streaking fireball in the sky.A possible meteor was spotted Wednesday around 4 a.m. lighting up the pre-dawn hours
Marvel Studios can learn some valuable lessons from its highest-rated MCU movies on Rotten Tomatoes. Most of Marvel Studios' highest
Livestock guardian dogs usually have a couple of specific things they look out for, including other dogs, coyotes, and big cats. They're genuinely amazing at what they do, and they do it so their
The betrayals are back! Join Ashley as we look over the times in anime where characters revealed their sinister true colors
A Pennsylvania Taco Bell employee is being dubbed a hero for her quick thinking in saving an infant's life.Bucks County manager Becky Arbaugh performed chest compressions on 11-month-old baby Myles
Two Corgi siblings were excited to order their favorite food while at the Dairy Queen Drive-Thru, but there was a twist they weren't expecting.On April 10, 2024, TikTok user Maple and Morty Corgi
1.On Monday, the total solar eclipse, well, eclipsed much of North America.2.Beginning in Mexico, the solar eclipse's path extended through much of the central and eastern United States before
A recent UCLA study demonstrates a new process for screening T cells, part of the body's natural defenses, for characteristics vital to the success of cell-based treatments. The method filters T
A young girl who is on a mission to support local police officers held one of her largest fundraisers yet in Allegheny County.Kaley Bastine, 11, has been raising money for local police officers for
Keepers at Longleat hope the presence of three young male cheetahs could lead to new cubs at the Wiltshire safari park.Themba, Ajani and Lunis arrived from Germany earlier this year as part of an
In the Marvel Universe, one of the most powerful items is the Infinity Gauntlet, which can allow the wearer to do nearly anything they can imagine. Typically, it is powered by six Infinity Gems
By David CoxA drug that targets a build-up of proteins linked to Parkinson’s disease could slow the progression of motor symptoms in people with advanced forms of the condition. Although this shows
Kansas City police officers Richard DuChaine and Charles Owen parked on the street and bolted up the front steps into a home, responding to a call for assistance for a 1-month-old child who wasn’t
AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department will welcome 39 cadets into the program Friday after completing the traditional Chief’s Run on Wednesday. According to APD, 10 of the cadets were women.
If you had to pick a season when you’re inspired to style out your space the most, surely it’s right now.Especially if you want to capture the moment with the prettiest floral palette, whimsy decos
The power of social media has reunited a homeless man with his family in Mexico after 13 years.The heartwarming moment went viral on TikTok Tuesday when Jorge Pineda, 54, hugged his sister, Beatriz
If you’re the oldest in a family, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of having a younger sibling. Not only do these junior family members take away your parent’s attention, but they also

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